Become a Christian Life Coach (12 Month Subscription)


The Life Coaching MLC 101 Certified Training Program is a 12 session 3 hour professional training course, which meets once a month. This course is designed to equip individuals such asprofessors, counselors, leaders, and ministers interested in enhancing the lives of others.

This program is uniquely designed with working leaders in mind, offering practicalities and hands-on learning. After each session an open book test is provided at the leader’s pace. This program consists of:

Semester l

  • COCH 101: Coaching: The New Helping Relationship
  • COCH 102: Christian Coaching: Scriptural and Spiritual Foundations
  • COCH 103: Theory & Practice: Developed a Model for Effective Change
  • COCH 104: Relationship & Practice: Developing a Model for Effective Change
  • COCH 105: Facilitating, Learning and Change: Advance Coaching Skills
  • COCH 106: Assessment and Resources in Coaching

Semester ll

  • COCH 107: Ethical Guidelines Professional Standards in Coaching
  • COCH 108: Coaching as Ministry and Spiritual Care
  • COCH 109: The Business of Coaching
  • COCH 110: New Directions: Speciality Coaching
  • COCH 111: Coaching for Creativity and Innovation
  • COCH 112: The Future Christian Coaching

Bonus Course: The Top Secrets to Marketing Success as a Coach

Now accepting Applications for Enrollment January 2017